I'm William McNeely and I'm the Founder and Head Coach of the Do Greater Foundation.  

Do Greater is a movement that inspires you to passionately pursue your purpose ultimately making a greater impact.  We are creating a community of doers dedicated to building mentoring relationships and inspiring youth. Through a monthly mentoring box of curated products powered by creative doers, we empower kids to reach their full potential ultimately doing greater things they never imagined possible.

Our key pillars are:

Self-Improvement – Developing a positive self-image and projecting that positivity outward toward others.

Development – Exploring our passions and creating tangible paths to accomplish academic and professional goals.

Empowerment – Connecting youth to opportunities, information and resources to broaden their horizons about what’s possible in their lives.

Service – Emphasizing the importance of serving others to make a positive impact in the community.

Our leadership program is centered around the Do Greater mantra.  It's based on the a bible verse that states - "Anyone who believes in Me, will also do the things that I do, and he will [do] even [greater] things."  Each of us has the capacity to do greater. We teach people to commit to doing something greater that will keep giving when they are no longer able to give. To make an impact on people.  To love God and love people.  To understand their "Why" by developing a Do Greater statement. To passionately pursue their purpose.

We are just starting.  Join Do Greater and Do Greater Nation!